Interview Skills

Selling Yourself at Interviews: 

West Offaly Training is launching on a formal basis its “Selling Yourself at Interviews”. This service helps people to prepare for interviews in a professional manner and each session is tailored to the individual needs.


The session will include prior preparation on the job description and the appropriate questions, mock interview, feedback session and an audio tape of your interview to review your progress.


An information pack tailored towards your future career is also part of our service.


Previous clients have said:


“I knew I had the skills to do a good job as a supervisor, however I wasn’t sure that I could convince the interviewers that I was the best person for the job. A friend recommended “Selling Yourself at Interviews” service. This gave me the confidence to sell the benefits of my skills and experience in an effective way. I am now relishing the fruits of my preparation and enjoying the job thoroughly.” (Project Supervisor)


“I attended an Interview preparation session as I had applied for a promotion at work. This coaching come interview session was both enjoyable and informative, as a result of the preparation I was really looking forward to the Interview. I am now in my new role and I have since recommended the service to colleagues and friends. (Public Servant)


More Testimonials available here.


You can contact West Offaly Training at 057 9152003 or phone Sheila direct on 087 7782205.