West Offaly Training

West Offaly Training provides ICDL Accredited and Professional Training in the areas of Information Technology, Business Skills, and Health & Safety. We are an ICDL Accredited Test Center so can facilitate your exams. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors make learning easy and interesting. We have computer training facilities available in both Banagher and Birr and are available on an outreach basis throughout Offaly and surrounding areas. Give us a call now and see what we can do for you!

Computer classes

Available Training

Stop Motion Movies Workshops

Stop motion movies have a long history and excelent displays of skill and imagination. We teach the technical platform skills of Stop Motion Movie software and then let the artists loose to express themselves. Click on the image below to see some of our student shorts or find out more about this activity.

20231102 Halloween Stop Motion Camp

After School Coding

We provide training in HTML and Scratch, with plans next year to introduce Python, VEX and Microbit. Courses are usually held in 6 weeks blocks, and can be facilitated in your area. Contact us to find out more.

Current programs in HTML

After School Coding HTML

Excel Training

We offer skills training in ICDL subjects and can include the ICDL exam facilitation. We are currently running an Excel course and will be doing Word in the new year.

Current programs in Excel

Date: Wed 25 Oct 2023 till 29 Nov 2023. Time: 18h00 to 19h30 pm for 6 sessions.

Office 365 Excel

Current programs in Scratch

Scratch is a fun programming based software that allows students to create games, interactive stories and magical universes. The software uses intuitive drag and drop building blocks and provides multiple characters, backgrounds and sounds allowing the user to freely express and design their creative wishes.

Scratch courses

Health and Safety Training

Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheels

We cover the legislation, ergonimics and procedures of safe manual handling activities with an emphasis on nurturing responsible work practices. Practical demonstration of skills are required by participants. Read more about our available programs.

Manual Handling & Abrasive Wheels