ICDL stands for International Computer Driver’s Licence. It is an internationally recognised qualification which proves competency in the use of computers across various different areas. These include basic computer use, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), giving presentations, databases, editing content for the web and image editing, among others. It proves to employers you know what you’re doing with a computer.

The ICDL sets a standard for everyone who uses a computer in either a professional or personal capacity. It is a qualification that proves competence in computer use, making the holder readily mobile within Ireland and internationally. Employers and job seekers all recognise the importance of having this standard definition of practical competence in Information Technology.

Students who achieve a pass in all seven modules will be awarded a full ICDL certificate. Students can also opt to complete single or multiple modules and achieve certification for the modules successfully completed.

For many students going on to third level, competence in IT is essential. Some colleges include an IT module in first year. Students who have achieved full ICDL qualification are often exempt from this module, giving them valuable time to devote to their studies and making a significant financial saving.


West Offaly Training currently offer the following seven modules:

Computer Essentials

Online Essentials

IT Security

Word Processing 5.0(Microsoft Word)

Spreadsheets 5.0 (Microsoft Excel)

Online Collaboration

Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Upcoming Classes:

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20 lessons each lasting 3 hours each.

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