The aim of this programme is to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge, competence and confidence to become effective trainers and in turn improve the value of the programmes delivered. Highly practical, participants will be on their ‘feet’ completing skills demonstrations, keeping learner records and producing a tailored project as part of the assessment criteria.

Who Should Attend?

This programme is suitable for those who are working as, or would like to become professional trainers. It is also suitable for those whose role involves some element of training which could include managers, team leaders, HR professionals etc.


  • Understand the differences between training and education. Participants will review theories of training, adult learning and the approaches to evaluation.
  • Understand the different skills, attributes and behaviours of an effective trainer looking at the learning environment, methodologies and group dynamics.
  • Know about aspects of equality, diversity and disability legislation in order to recognise and implement support practices for all learners and to ensure inclusiveness.
  • Identify the different levels of training evaluation available and know which to choose in the appropriate context.
  • Develop the skills to competently review, analyse, choose, implement and demonstrate the design and delivery of a training intervention.
  • Demonstrate the stages involved in preparing for successful training delivery such as setting objectives, learner activity, learner materials and any facilities.
  • Deliver an effective training programme, using the skills, behaviours and practical application of the rules for delivering training.
  • Possess the skills to provide effective feedback using an appropriate feedback model and be able to adjust the trainer style to adapt to the individual.
  • Design evaluation tools, techniques and approaches to determine if training needs were met and any business objectives fulfilled.
  • Conduct a training evaluation process and write an evaluation report showing evidence of planning, data collection, effects of training, cost analysis and ROI.

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